BIG 5 Church Consultation Process, Draganesti

Between March 2-4, 2016 the BIG Impact Consultation Team travelled to Draganesti Olt to spend several days with Raul Costea and his teams.
This time, we focused on helping Speranta Church leadership team, and RESO (South of Oltenia Evangelistic Network) team refocus. Given the fact that the refocusing process is time consuming, we prepared ahead of time helping Raul’s Pastors, Church leaders and Missionaries revisit their position focus, and articulate it over Skype with a member of BIG Consulting team.

Draganesti 29032016 Gelu

Two major breakthroughs highlighted this mission trip to Draganesti, this time. First of all, we tried to understand the place of RESO in the missionary effort this energetic team has developed in the last decade. During these days, the Lord inspired us to help Speranta Church and RESO leadership team identify the leadership structure and operational diagram that best reflect both their strategy and the current reality. Secondly, during this mission trip we have taken Speranta Church in Draganesti through the Natural Church Development questionnaire. Information about the quality of their efforts was gathered from 30 key leaders, in order to help them discover their minimum factor. This process helped us assist the missionary teams identify what they need to focus on short term in order that they take their ministry to the next level. The results were both outstanding and encouraging. The report revealed that Speranta Church has all things in place to “naturally” develop and multiply in a healthy manner. Our Fall mission trip will focus on helping them develop the strategy to work on the minimum factor essential in increasing their impact.


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