Consulting for “Crown” Small Group Leadership

By God’s grace, we were able to organize a consulting seminar for “Crown” Bible study small groups leadership on June 7, 2008, at Arad, event organized by BIG Impact and Crown Financial Ministry, with the support of International Needs, Romania. The event gathered participants from various churches in Arad, Alba and Bihor.

The consulting seminar was taught by two Crown representatives, Mark Murray and Michael Johnson, and consisted of a general presentation of the principles from the study book entitled “Financial Bible Study” (God – the owner of all things, debt, advices, honesty, offering/generosity, work, investments, perspectives, eternity) and of the working protocol recommended for using this material, so that maximum benefit would be gained from going through and internalizing this material.

The event was shaped so as not only to expose the participants to a theoretical work protocol, but also to give them the opportunity to apply it individually, by practicing a simulation in their small groups.

The benefit of this time spent together in trying to understand what God has to say about finances and how these values can be shared through small groups was incredible for the participants.

This is what one of the participants shared during the evaluation time, at the end of the consulting session: “If I had to describe in just one word what this day meant for me, that would be FITTING”. This is how he explained it: “For a long time I prayed and asked myself how I could be of use to some businessmen in our church, who, until today, have never joined in a small group. Now I know. I will start a “Crown” small group with them. This is God’s answer to my prayers. This tool fits our local need perfectly.”

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