BIG Consultancy with dr.Bill Hoyt

Ilieni, Covasna County: on April 6-8, 2009, 21 people involved in the BIG Impact ministry, either members of the board, or the ministry team, met at the Youth Center of the Reformed Church in Ilieni, Covasna County, for a consultancy with dr. Bill Hoyt, Executive Coach in NexStep Executive Coaching Organizational Developement, California, USA.

With 39 years of experience as a CEO for nonprofits, and with 25 years of experience in teaching, both at Master and PhD level, dr.Bill Hoyt has helped us evaluate the alignment between BIG’s values and organizational culture.

We had an extremely profitable time, favored by the nice and remote surroundings of the youth center in Ilieni, where we could focus on what BIG Impact is and is committed to achieve, understanding, with dr.Bill Hoyt’s help, that we find ourselves in an extremely important place in our organizational development, which requires substantial investments for assuring the necessary launch.

Excited about the quality of the talks and time spent together, we decided, depending on the available resources, to have this type of consultation each year.

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