Crown Conference with Andres Panasiuk and Peter Briscoe

In partnership with Crown Ministries, BIG Impact organized on May 25-27 mai 2009, at Hotel Excelsior in Brasov a conference on “The Christian Business Person – from entrepreneur to investor”, having as main speakers Andres Panasiuk, vicepresident of the international department of Crown-Financial and Peter Briscoe, vicepresident of Crown-Financial for Europe.

By organizing this conference, we intended to minister to the businessmen and businesswomen who can and wish to invest part of their time, energy and competences for the Kingdom. The result was extremely encouraging, those who attended receiving high quality information. We also had a great interaction on the discussed items.

Both Andres Panasiuk and Peter Briscoe proved to be good communicators, creative in delivering the information, and, also, profoundly spiritual, sharing with the attendants some extremely interesting financial principles, who should be at the foundation of our decisions in the economic area. Maximum interest issues were covered, from debtless life to financial giving, and biblical principles for successful investments.

One of the attendants said:

“Two ideas came to me, more powerful than ever:

  1. The difference between the lay finance school and the Christian finance school is that the first offers means and principles for managing the expendable resources, while the Scripture offers us a complete different perspective: we are the managers of the in un-expendable resources of an Almighty God. This latter approach should be promoted, believed and lived by any single believer. If we would believe it from all our heart, we could strongly say that God could bless someone who is independent of the economic context (friendly or no friendly).
  2. Another idea that touched me was the statement: “The One who takes care of our wives and children is not us, but God himself. As he takes care of us in such a direct way, we should have peace regarding our loved ones, knowing that he, not us, men, is putting bread on their table.” This idea encourages me to relax regarding the burden of “taking care of my family.”

As a result of this conference, the businessmen and businesswomen who attended have decided to get involved in creating an evangelical support context for the Christian businessmen and businesswomen in Romania. A first step is another conference for Christian business persons, along with their families. Further details can be found here.


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