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On Friday, January 16, 2009,  in Alba Iulia, we held the businesspeople and liberal professions seminar “How to run your business in times of crisis.” The event was organized by BIG Impact Foundation (Partner with Crown Financial Ministry) and “Cetate” Baptist Church in Alba Iulia. The main speakers was Dave Rae, executive vice-president of Crown Financial Ministry, a man of God with a rich business experience (among other things, he ran Apple Canada company for 7 years. Around 20-25 business owners, and people in leadership positions from several big companies in Alba Iulia area attended, along with a few politicians.

The main goal of this seminar was challenging the Christians from the business environment to search, even in times of crisis to live for God’s glory, counting on the fact that he is the ruler of all things, he controls every situation and he saves us from every trial.

The same day, in the afternoon, in the same location, there was a conference on financial biblical themes (God – the owner of all things, work, debts, integrity-honesty). There were around 250-300 attendants. Those present were moved by the Word of God, and some were seriously challenged by the themes.  A practical thing was the offering of a simple but effective method of facing debt by designing and implementing a functional plan for erasing the possible debts.

The same seminar for businesspeople – “How to run your business in times of crisis” was held the next day, Saturday January 17, in front of around 100 people. The meeting was hosted by “Providen?a” Church, in Oradea, where we also had the conference on financial biblical themes (God – the owner of all things, work, debts, integrity-honesty), in the afternoon of the same day.

During the events, the attendants had the opportunity of purchasing written materials, the most wanted being:

  • “Your Money Counts” (a book for any believer who wants to live his life in the light of the World, regarding his finances).
  • “Business by the book” (a book for business owners, or those working in leadership positions – how to lead your business by the Word of God).
  • Pastoring horses (a book for pastors – how to understand and treat the businessmen in your church in such a way that they might feel they are a part of God’s ministry).

On January 22-24, 2009, in Timi?oara, we will have the consultation for Crown trainers. The event is organized by BIG-Impact in partnership with Crown Financial Ministry.

Many leaders from Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia are expected. 13 people will be from Romania. The purpose of this seminar is the starting of the training and accrediting of the Crown trainers. They will be officially accredited by Crown to organize Crown conferences and to offer Crown consulting in different circumstances.

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