BIG5.5 – Global Impact Church

Between January 20-21, in Targu Mures, over 20 Romanian evangelical leaders, all experienced in curriculum development, got together for the first meeting in a series dedicated to developing the BIG5.5 course. It’s main focus will be the Global Impact Church. The course will be launched through a conference later on this year, in October.

The purpose of the meeting in Targu Mures was that of drafting the main directions of the course, which comes as a climax of the series that was started in October 2007, in Sovata, with the course on Philosophy of Ministry.

As always, this environment for learning and brainstorming was a very challenging one. We decided upon the topics, chose the teams, and drafted the main ideas for the material. Developed as an indigenous course, geared towards the Romanian culture, this study material is designed to equip the leadership teams of evangelical churches. The development of the course will require many hours of individual study, small teams working together to develop each one of the topics, and interaction with the lesson coordinators, through Skype or in person. Everything is done in such a way that both the knowledge and the practical experience of these people are brought together so that, through constant interaction, we would end up with a material that could be used to its maximum potential, through interactive presentation which takes into consideration how people learn.

The second meeting of the lesson coordinators and their assistants took place in Brasov, on May 9-12. We made corrections to the plan of each lesson, looking for harmony and unity throughout the course, so that the information could be transferred as smoothly as possible to the participants.

Presently, the local teams are working at finalizing the lessons, so that on June 13-14 we will meet for our final time together, for final tweaks, so that we will have the final product ready.

Please pray and intercede together with us for creating a valuable course, an effective tool for challenging and assisting more and more churches in Romania towards the model of a global impact church.

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