Exciting Topics for the ATS Students

The training of servant-leaders is one of the most important tasks we have taken inside BIG-Impact, knowing the urgent need for people with character, who are qualified and experienced for serving the evangelical churches in Romania. Although this mission is one of great importance, actually of critical importance, it is done behind the scenes, with an enormous quantity of human and material expenses.

In spite of all the difficulties we have come across, we are very excited about the faithfulness shown by the ATS students and by the instructors led by Andy Seidel and Mihai Dumitrascu.

On March 7-10 we finalized the 6th module of the program – The Pastor as Teacher, coordinated by Mihai Dumitrascu. The seminars were held by Dr. Andy Seidel, assisted by Brian Eby. The purpose of this module was to help students understand how the pastor of a church could mobilize his congregation towards a process of holistic biblical edification. After 3 months of online school, where the students could prepare and upload their homework, interacting with their colleagues on the materials, they now had the opportunity to interact for 4 days with their professors and among themselves.

On April 1 we started the 7th module, The Pastor and Ethics, coordinated by Gelu Paul, assisted by Titus Pastean and Emi Moisa.

The purpose of this module is to help the students develop biblical ethical thinking, and, also apply it and live accordingly in their day to day life.

Please pray for the students, as their sacrifice and investment are huge, and for the professors, Romanians and Americans, who have been collaborating for a long time to reach their goal of developing servant-leaders, vital for the progress of Romanian church.

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