Brief report from the conference with Dr.Paul VanValin: Resilience in ministry – Cultivating growth and longevity in ministry

Over 40 participants and organizers attended, on April 24-26, a conference with Dr.Paul VanValin and his team, in an environment focused on developing resilient and healthy lives and marriages for Christian workers.

In a general setting where Christian workers tirelessly invest in those around them, events such as this conference are rare and represent a real blessing.

The topics approached by Dr. Paul VanValin and his team dealt with physical, emotional, spiritual and family health of Christian workers. The participants were exposed to presentations, interaction and couple therapy, benefiting from the vast experience the speakers had in psychology and counseling.

Many of the participants enjoyed the depth of the topics and the approach used, that was continuously backed up by real life examples coming from a field that is both sensitive and important in the Romanian evangelical churches (and not only), namely counseling.

Here is what one of the participants shared with us:

We had a great time interacting on a series of topics that are in my focus (i.e. the behavior children and teenagers have, due to going through depression), and also discussing about marriage and healthy relationships inside the family, together with the beneficial effects they have on the local church. It was a blessing to have Dr. Paul VanValin with us, in a relational environment that I missed – BIG-Impact. Thank you for this conference!”

A few images from this great event:

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