Resilience in ministry – Cultivating growth and longevity in ministry – conference with Paul VanValin

Paul2014webOn April 24-26 2014, BIG-Impact organizes in Brasov a conference focused on the quality growth of the lives of Christian servants. Dr. Paul VanValin will be the main speaker.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist and with a doctorate in counseling, Paul VanValin is the founder and president of Eden Counseling Center and Eden Family Institute. He is interested in the integration of Biblical Christian faith and practice of psychology. In his writing and speeches, Dr.VanValin approaches topics such as healthy leadership, marriage, parenting, stress and trauma and childhood disorders. He and his wife Becky have developed a series of marital workshops – Back to the Garden, both in US and abroad.

In the Brasov meeting, Dr.VanValin will focus on topics related to physical, emotional, spiritual and familial health of the Christian servant, with the purpose of cultivating growth and longevity in ministry. This conference will contain presentations, small group interaction and family therapy.

We will return soon with details regarding the schedule, the cost, the location and the way of registering.

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