Christian Ethics in a Corrupt Environment

One of the major efforts of BIG-Impact is assisting Christians, especially those involved in business to be able to do their work on the basis of the biblical principles regarding money and goods management. We use, among other things, the Crown Financial materials. Following we are sharing a short update from Titus Pastean, the coordinator of this ministry.

What can be more beautiful and fulfilling than, after years of work and investment, to be able to see, at least from time to time, fruits results?

Last month, while traveling to a conference where I was supposed to talk about the biblical principles regarding managing goods, resources and money, I received a phone call that brought me joy and encouragement.

It came from someone in Brasov, whom I never met, who is regularly listening to a Christian radio station. Among the shows he was following, he came upon the show ”Get Rid of the Financial Pressure”, show taken from RVE Timisoara, that can be listened online here.

This man told me about how happy and thankful he was to come upon such a show that is talking about financial topics from a biblical perspectives, taking into account the financial problems so many people face, including Christians, problems they do not know how to deal with and how to overcome. He told me that these teachings have challenged him towards a more serious analyse of his convictions and practices regarding money and goods and that, with God’s help, he made some clear decisions towards a better management of the resources he entrusted to God.

On September 25-27 I was glad to be one of the speakers at the OSCER conference ”Shine – The Calling of the Christian at the Workplace”. One of the highlights of the conference was a panel discussion themed ”Christian Ethics in a Corrupt Environment”, where the participants were encouraged to show justice, no matter the challenging circumstances the work environment is providing today. Also, through practical examples, the participants were encouraged to believe, with God’s help, that this is not only desirable, but also doable.

Our future plans (also prayer motives) are two>

The conference on biblical financial topics, at Filocalia Church in IasI (November 6-7), conference where we expect people from the evangelical churches in Iasi and the surroundings.
The process of translation and release of a new resource – a book on biblical financial topics, of great insight – Wealth Riches and Money.
Living in the context of a society that exposes it’s members to a risky financial perspective, obsessed by gathering goods and erodated by corruption, we want to be able to show people that the Bible offers us specific teaching and support for a full and balanced life. This way, although we live in the world, through our life we demonstrate that we do not belong to it and we do not allow ourselves to be manipulated by the standards of these times.

Following you can view a few images from the conference ”Shine!”

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