Motivation, synergy and refocusing at BIG-Impact General Assembly

As in previous occasions, the general assembly of the founding members and associates of the BIG-Impact Foundation had a special moment of joy, motivation, synergy and refocusing on the mission entrusted by God. The event took place at the Plazza Hotel in Targu Mures, between September 10-12, 2015.

We did not need an ice breaker. The memories arose quickly; the laughter and emotions were mixed with remembering memorable moments that we experienced together. This was the perfect setting for an serious analysis and planning, regarding the life and ministry of BIG-Impact.

We started with an update, remembering all that happened since our last assembly, in 2014. We shared what brought each one of us on the BIG platform, what was behind our involvement in this beautiful endeavour (a serving that is filled with meaning and passion). The common ground is the collection of biblical values and practices, that we all share – the purpose and fruitfulness driven ministry, the hope of a change for the lives and service of the evangelical churches in our country, honouring God in this way. We analysed the variations on the organizational environment which, as Gelu Paul stated, resembles a journey: BIG-JV 2006-2014 (from a network towards an entity), BIG 2014 (tenacity and flexibility: from entity towards a network).

We then analysed each segment of our ministry: ATS – Mihai Dumitrascu; BIG 5 Consultancy – Gelu Paul; Crown-Financial – Titus Pastean; Young Women in Ministry – Diana Anton; GLS – Emil Moisa; Youth Network – Flaviu Coman – the move towards JV; The BIG-JV Relationship– Josh Patty; we evaluated the ministries and the difficulties and we saw the wonderful way God led us during the last year of ministry.

Looking at the challenges of the future, we looked, together with Gelu Paul, through Scripture, going deeper ”In the Search of Biblical Leadership”. We evaluated ourselves through the ”16 Personalities” test, we prayed together to God and planned for the next year.

The BIG5 Consultancy, as an instrument of help in assisting the churches interested in implementing the biblical values developed through the BIG5 course and the Freedom in Christ program arise as the newer elements that we will focus in the near future.

The assembly was a launching pad for a greater commitment and livelier involvement towards the fulfilment of the vision entrusted by God, for Romania, through BIG-Impact.

A few insights from the participants:

Mircea Neiconi: I am thrilled by BIG and that BIG is still going, in spite of difficulties and that we can make a serious evaluation. I am very glad that BIG is gathering together valuable people, with a heart for God and for our country.

Diana Anton (D.U.): The assembly was soaked in the Word of God and marked by an atmosphere of prayer. This brings a new energy in BIG and among those in BIG and it adds clarity and purpose in what we are doing.

Petrica Ursache: Fellowship – revitalizing – refocusing – plans for future.

Emi Moisa: The assembly was a very good opportunity for correcting the course of the Youth Network, bringing up-to-date the functioning of the services that BIG is offering. It also brought us encouragement that God will help us develop the financing for BIG and for BIG5 consultancy, things that are extremely important for us.

Adi Curta: The general assembly? Specific to BIG: interaction, family environment, relaxation, contribution, friendship, realism.

Adi Totan: I am extremely glad for the joined effort towards reaching the objectives of the BIG Impact team. The assembly managed to tackle difficult problems with realism and delicacy. The dialogue was authentic; the truth was communicated in love, spiced up with humour, all in a spirit of trust and mutual support.

The venue in which we worked and rested were remarkable, contributing fully to a great meeting. I thank the organizers!

Following you can view a small gallery of images from our time together:

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