The Global Leadership Summit – From the Organizing Backstage

The Global Leadership Summit wouldn’t have such an impact and wouldn’t drive so many changes towards good if there wouldn’t be people who sacrifice their time to bring their contribution to organizing each edition. One of the volunteers at the last Summit in Bucharest, Bianca, shared with us what it meant for her to be part of the team – her insight is very emotional.

I attended the Summit in each year. The sessions have offered me, each time, the idea for a project I did until the next Summit. In the last two years I could not afford to attend, I was not able to pay the cost. This year, someone who knew how much the Summit means for me, asked me if I would like to attend as a volunteer. This meant watching the sessions, then go with the prayer team and pray so that everything that was said might be put into practice, so that the participants would find an original way to use the information they receive.


It seemed like a privilege: not only that I get the most interesting news in leadership, but, also, I get to pray for people. They will never know me, but I will know that I gave my input to the thriving of each action that will be put into practice after the Summit.

We prayed not only for those attending locally, but for all who attended the Summit in the world. We prayed not only for those present, to receive ideas for serving God, but also for those wishing to find a way for refreshing their businesses. We prayed not only for those present, but also for those who will watch the DVDs.

The prayer team was a small universe, with sincere people, who opened their hearts and wished that everyone involved in organizing the Summit, everywhere on the globe, would be blessed.

In the end, I thanked God for… poverty. If I would have had money to pay the ticket, I would not have had such an experience – dedicating myself for unknown people, still, people with the same desire – to lead a ministry, be it Christian organization or business, for the glory of the One who created us. If I had money, I would have filled a seat in the venue and only think of me and what is important to me – by contrast, I was involved in the lives of everybody whom I prayed for, contributing to the development of those who want to see the triumph of good, both spiritually and economically.

I believe that, aside from poverty, there would be another thing worth my appreciation: someone keeps track of everything you are interested in and can integrate you where you can never get to by yourself. Therefore, I would like to thank God and the people who have eyes for those around, because they care!

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